How to unpack succulents

I decided it was time to grow my collection of cacti and succulents.  Currently, it consists of 4 or 5 varieties that I got from Lowe’s, Home Depot, a friend and the Carrboro Farmer’s Market in North Carolina.  I want a wider variety of plants so I turned to the internet and placed a couple of orders of plants from two sources.  The first one was from Amazon. Yes, they sell live plants!  The second one was from The Succulent Source.  I found this source through a blogger that I follow.  The two sources packed the plants well but I found that The Succulent Source did a better job at sending a wider variety than the other one.  I ordered the same number of mixed variety.  For source A, I received exactly the number that they said were in the pack.  At The Succulent Source, they not only sent a wider variety but they also added extra cuttings!  They were very good at communicating when shipment would be providing tracking numbers within hours.  Today, the big day has arrived.  Is is unpacking time! I was impressed with how carefully the plants were packed. Some of the plants were in 1.5 sq. in. plastic pots and others were cuttings that were wrapped together in paper.

Here’s how I unpacked them.

Materials needed:

  • cutter/scissors
  • gloves
  • small, soft bristle paint brush
  • soil, good for succulents
  1. Using box cutter/scissors, open box.
  2. If there are peanuts, carefully remove them; save or discard
  3. Carefully take out plants.
  4. Cuttings wrapped in paper should be handled carefully.  Their leaves could be entangled with each other.
  5. Remove pots.
  6. Using paint brush, slow brush off dirt on leaves
  7. You may transplant in individual pots, build a succulent garden in pots or plant on the ground
  8. Enjoy



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