What not to pack for your Alaskan cruise

Ralph and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We decided to go on a cruise to Alaska on board the Celebrity Solstice. It was a 7-day cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back to Seattle. We decided to arrive in Seattle the day before the cruise and stay a couple of days after to run at the Rock n Roll Seattle Half Marathon.

So what to pack? We had to pack for before, during and after cruise! I should change this post to “What not to pack for your Alaskan cruise” and here is why. Based on my research, there is are no laundry facilities on board the ship or if there is, it will cost a pretty penny. So are you ready? Here is my packing list for a 10 day trip out west and this is what you should not pack!

What I packed:
5 pairs of shoes (1 pair slippers, 1 pair black, strappy shoes, 1 pair cream strappy shoes, 1 pair black evening shoes, 2 pairs running shoes, 1 pair UGG, 1 pair black flat shoes)
5 pairs of running socks
7 pairs of pants (1 khaki, 1 pink kulottes, 1 black pants, 3 denim pants, 1 jogging pants
6 running shirts
6 running shorts
4 dresses
7 shirts
3 blouses
3 sweaters
2 evening bags
1 backpack
1 rain coat
7 bras
10 undies
1 robe
1 towel
5 sleeping shirts
5 sleeping shorts
First Aid Kit
Makeup kit
Running fuel (9 Gu packs)
1 binocular
2 pairs compression socks
1 toiletry bag
1 jewelry bag
2 sweaters
1 hooded jacket

All these, did not fit in one suitcase so I had to pay extra luggage fee on the flight! And the worst part is that I did not use a third of the things I brought!

We signed up to run a half marathon in Alaska and in Seattle. This was the reason why I had to pack running gear. We were going to run in Alaska where the forecast was for rain. I had to bring two pairs of running shoes because I had to use another one for the Seattle race.

If I were to go back to Alaska on another cruise, here is what I would pack:

1 pair running shoes (with two pairs of socks)
1 pair evening shoes, black
1 pair casual shoes, black
2 pairs denim pants
1 pair khaki pants
1 pair black pants
2 sweaters
3 shirts
2 blouses (one to use for plane travel)
7 undies
3 bras
2 sleeping shirts
1 jacket
1 raincoat
1 make up kit
1 jewelry pouch
1 toiletry bag
1 binocular
1 First Aid kit

These should fit in one luggage and an extra carry on may be used for items you may purchase during the cruise and shore excursions.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic


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