Virtual outfit 1

I work from home. Most of the time, I don’t even get to change out of my sleeping clothes much less shower. This is one of the complaints voiced by my husband when I transitioned over three years ago. I have actually purged my closet with only church clothes and those that I use to go out with friends or on our date nights that are left.

I thought I’d live vicariously through those who still go out of the house to work and dream of what I would wear every day to go to work. I hope to gain inspiration on trending styles even if I no longer have a need for it.

For this outfit, I thought I’d start with pants. I don’t look good in pants. At least, that’s what I think because I am petite (5′ 1.5″). This color pants just caught my eye instantly. The palazzo style is attractive because it’s not everyday that you see these. I thought I’d pair it with buttoned up long sleeved plain white shirt to keep it casual. To finish the look I chose these cream-colored shoes with thick medium height heels. I actually own a similar one in black and I love it. It is very comfortable and the strap make your legs look sexy. I don’t like big, bulky purses so I matched it off with a clutch. It’s simple yet elegant. I can go on and on with the accessories for this look but I thought a simple dangling gold earrings and bangle will do. I found the most fun searching for watches to complete the look. I am a “watchaholic”! I am so excited that I will be able to change watches for virtually every outfit!

What do you think?


2 responses to “Virtual outfit 1”

  1. Gorgeous cranberry for fall! Just waiting on cool temps!


    1. I agree. One of my favorite colors!!!


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