Virtual Outfit 2.

Watch | Handbag | Dress | Shoes | Bracelet | Necklace/Earrings 

Who wouldn’t want to get up early on a Monday morning and don this outfit for work?  I love the simplicity of this ensemble.  Whether you are Teacher, Doctor, or anyone who is required to dress professionally, this will look great.

I remember when I used to work in a brick and mortar school, our rooms were always freezing.  The same goes for when we go to church.  I picked this Calvin Klein White Dress with the 3/4 sleeve length because it is perfect for these cold workplaces.  You don’t have to wear a sweater over it.  The simple A-line style is classic and can be flattering on any body shape.  I am petite at 5’1″.  This style dress actually makes me look taller and even, dare I say leaner:-).  For me, the dress length may go below the knee.

I used to wear 3 inch, stiletto heels with abandon.  At 51, my arches are no longer able to support these shoes, especially for work.  I also can’t wear flat shoes.  I don’t feel “sexy” or confident in flats especially when wearing a dress.  These Michelle Naturalizer shoes are not only the perfect pair to the dress, but they are comfortable.  I own a pair of Naturalizer shoes that I used during a recent trip.  I walked on them for hours without any problems.

There is no rule that you have to match your shoes with your purse/handbag.  I love to mix and match sometimes and in this outfit I chose to add color.  This Vince Camuto Thea Small Satchel in Pacific Blue with Silver trim is just the perfect pop of color.

To finish the look, I chose these bypass bangle in sterling silver with cultured pearls, and cultured pearl and diamond pendant and earrings.  It doesn’t detract from the dress but simply accessorize it.  As I have mentioned before I am a ‘watchmonger’ (not sure if this is a word), so why not go all out and use this versatile Michael Kors Reade White Croc-Embossed Silicone Strap Activity Tracker.  Yes, it tracks your steps and keeps time.  What a perfect accessory.  Not only does it make you look fashionable but it also keeps you healthy.

You may find this look at Macy’s.  Disclaimer: I don’t work for Macy’s nor do they pay me.   However, at least 3/4 of my actual clothes come from Macy’s.  They always have a great selection and variety.  Since we are living on virtual reality for this outfit, I didn’t choose items that are on sale.  However, when I am back in reality, I always beeline to the clearance racks and always find the best bargains.

I hope you find inspiration in today’s outfit.


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