How to clean your make up brushes

I am always excited for clean-your-brushes day!  Do you clean your make up brushes regularly?  Well, I didn’t even think they could get wet at all. I always thought they will get destroyed if I wet them with water.  One day, one of my daughters asked how long ago I washed.  I’m like, huh?  I have never cleaned them except on paper towel to change shades of eye make up or blush:-(  It turns out that one of the reasons she would break out is from using dirty brushes. If you really think about it, it makes sense.  Although we clean up our faces before we put on make up, the accumulation of make up on the brushes could still lead to bacterial growth.  Worse for me because I store them in a container out on the counter exposed to dust and dirt.  I cringe to think that until that point I had been using brushes that had bacteria growing on them!

Since then, I have been cleaning them every month.  If you haven’t cleaned your brushes either, it’s not too late to get started.  All you need is Dawn dishwashing liquid.

In a plastic container, add about a tablespoon Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Mix with a quarter cup of cold water.


Dip the brushes in the soap mixture making sure to swirling the brush in soap mixture to coat every hair of the brush.   If your brushes are dirty, you will notice the water get brown sooner.  Change out the soapy mixture and finish the rest of your brushes.


Rinse under running water.


Squeeze out the water with a clean towel.  Let air dry.




2 responses to “How to clean your make up brushes”

  1. That’s how I clean my brushes! I know a lot of people (for a quick clean) use johnsons baby shampoo on a cotton pad and just swirl it around. Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x


    1. Thank you for stopping by. I was so clueless about cleaning my brushes. I really can’t believe how I got to my age and years of using make up without even thinking that this is best practice:-) I will definitely check your blog as well:-)


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