Breakfast for One: Vol. 1

When I am not running, or out of town, I start my day at morning mass.  It helps keep me centered.  It gets my day off to a great start.  I love the intimacy of an almost empty church compared to Sunday masses.  We sit up front and are able to intently listen to the message during the homily.  I hope to share with you some of these messages that will help you get your day started on high note.

Today’s message:   “LOVE God with all your heart.”  “You shall LOVE your neighbor as yourself”.  LOVE .  This one word can lead to kindness, patience, and tolerance for whomever we meet.

After feeding the soul, I feed the body.  Today’s breakfast menu:

  • English muffin, wheat, toasted with a dab of butter
  • Egg, fresh, from our chickens, soft-boiled
  • Avocado, half, sliced
  • Papaya, sliced
  • Organic green tea with pomegranate by Bigelow




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