Breakfast for One. Vol. 4

We’ve made it to Wednesday!  Happy Hump Day!  I hope your day has started off on the right foot.  I am sending a shout out to my friend, Rosanna, who is celebrating her birthday!  Cheers, and here’s to a day full of God’s blessings!

Today’s message: “Start each day with a grateful heart”.

Today, I turn my thoughts everyone in Texas and Louisiana directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  It has been heartbreaking to watch the rescue efforts on TV.   I feel helpless that I am unable to be there personally to help.  But I know I can through other means.  Together with a Not-for-Profit Organization that I am a member of, Sanlahi, Inc., we will send our donation to the Center for Disaster Philantrophy.  Based on their financial information, the organization spend about 3% on administrative costs.  This is great because it means that they spend their funds mostly on charitable causes as well as charitable fundraisers.  In addition, Facebook is matching funds up to $1 million.   If you are in a place to help, please do so.  Those impacted will have a long road to recovery after the flood waters recede.

This is just one of the organizations that you can send your donation.  Consumer Reports has written a great article on The Best Ways to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey.  You may read it here.

Let us continue to pray for the victims that they may find comfort wherever they may have been displaced to.  Pray also to all first responders, military, medical personnel as well as all civilians who are helping rescue, treat and keep everyone safe.

On the menu:

Aunt Jemima’s Wheat Pancakes
Sugar Free Aunt Jemima Syrup
Steep Green Tea with Pomegranate


What was on the menu today?



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