Breakfast For One. Vol. 6

Ralph had a workshop at the University of Florida today so we came up last night and stayed at Home2Suites in Gainesville.  I smiled when I saw the waffle maker as we checked in.   I couldn’t wait to head down to breakfast this morning.

I was impressed with the number of choices even for a small breakfast bar.  There were cereals, oatmeal, pastries, toast and bagels, yogurt, fruit cups, microwaveable ham and egg breakfast sandwiches and eggs and, WAFFLES!  This is our favorite breakfast when we are on the road.  Today’s flavor was buckwheat!  Healthy and yummy? Score!!!  To top it all off was a compote of strawberries and blueberries.

The only diaappointment was the microwaveable, pre-made, and pre-packed eggs and cheese. They were great while hot but tasted bland when it cooled down.

Additionally, I took a yogurt, an apple and some mixed nuts up to our room for snacks later. To accompany all this, I chose the “gourmet” coffee over English tea!

Breakfast for one!
Buckwheat waffles with strawberry and blueberry compote.
Breakfast Bar

What’s on the menu today?

Check out my review of the hotel here:


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