An Open Letter to My Friend, Jesus

Last year, Ralph and I started Formation to the Permanent Diaconate in the Diocese of Orlando.  During the retreat to kick off the year, we wrote a letter to Jesus, our friend.  We also provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope to mail it.  I had forgotten about the letter and, today I received it!  Oh what a year it’s been and the letter just brought back memories of that wonderful weekend.  Allow me to share it with you.  God bless.

“August 13, 2017

Dearest Jesus,

How are you?  I feel that I have not been able to talk to you much lately.  I see you at church almost daily when I go to mass.  I know I should probably see you more often than that.

This weekend has been such a blessing to me.  I learned that I don’t even have to go to church to see you.  I don’t even have to leave the house to do so.  I found that you are actually in my heart.  You have always been there all this time but I did not recognize you. I did not recognize you because I was busy looking for you everywhere but there.

I tell you, that was truly eye-opening.  From this day forward, I will always move you into my heart from my mind.  In order to do this I have to be intentional in how I treat my neighbors. I have to see you in each one of the people that I meet as well as in me.  Sometimes I am very hard on me. I don’t see me worthy of your friendship, much less a relationship with.

I know now that for me to be Christ-like, I have to change how I think about my neighbors.  I have to let go of the “what-ifs”.  I have to trust that God’s plan is the perfect one for me even if I don’t realize nor agree with it.

Jesus, if you don’t mind, I want to ask for your help with Megan and Erin. I ask that you bless both of them.  I ask that you send the Holy Spirt down on Erin so that she will find a friend and a lover in you.  I ask that you check on Megan. I ask that you continue to rest in her heart to know that you and Mama Mary will not leave her side as she goes through her pregnancy.

I love you and hope to see you in my heart always,

Your friend,



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