Bar Crawl Radio Podcast Guest Appearance

On September 4, I had the most exciting experience of being interviewed in a pod cast by Bar Crawl Radio on immigration.  I was one of three guests, including, Ivana from the former Czech Republic, and “Joe” (not his real name) from Ireland.   It was such an honor to share my experiences about immigrating to the US thirty-one years ago.

Alan and Rebecka were the most gracious hosts and they both made us all at ease.  The taping was held at Gebhard’s, an Upper West Side bar in Manhattan.

This opportunity opened up as a result of my guest post on my daughter’s blog about being American in the USA today.  You may read about it here.

Listen to the pod cast in its entirety at Bar Crawl Radio’s blog at Bar Crawl Radio Pod Cast #19  .  Our segment starts at 21:57






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  1. […] to New York City to be a guest for a podcast taping by Bar Crawl Radio.  You can read about it here.  The taping lasted less than an hour so I spent the rest of my time to sight see around the […]


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