2018 Gift Guide for Brothers

Dolphin Bracelet.  $20.  These bracelets are made from recycle glass removed from the oceans.  4oceans is a brain child of two friends who traveled to Bali, swam in plastic-littered oceans, and did something about it.  For every bracelet you purchase, a pound of trash will be eliminated from the oceans.

“Filled With Gratitude” Mug.  $13.  It’s more than the mug. Purchase of this mug provide 6 school meals. It’s a gift that gives back.


The Word Warrior Gift Set.  $110.  This set is perfect of anyone who travels, journals, and is health-conscious.


Sushi Making Kit.  $24.  For that foodie who loves to try exotic dishes.  Here’s a complete kit to make sushi at home.

Big Blue Mini Wireless Travel Speakers. $49.99 Great sound and compact, just the perfect size for the traveler.

Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket.  $59.90 (On Sale). Down jackets are the way to go this winter.

Wine Chilling Stick Aerator, $19.99. What a perfect way to chill and aerate wine at the same time. Even your sister will want one.

Donate in his name to the National Park Service.  $10-$100. This one is good everyone on your list.

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman.  $38.00. He will appreciate this gift more than you think.

Katana Safety Arc.  $ 79.99. This personal safety device can be a life saver.


2 responses to “2018 Gift Guide for Brothers”

  1. These are so unique! I love the idea of donating to a park.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it? I love it, too!


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