What is Your Word for the Year?

“By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.”- Jean Baptiste Girard.

Happy New Year!  Isn’t it great that once every 365 days, we are given license to start fresh? It allows us to flip the page to our personal stories and write the first line on the blank page.  For some, this is the time to start making good on those New Year’s resolutions.  Personally, I am not a New-Year’s-Resolution kind of gal.  I found early on that I fail at keeping them faster than I can take down holiday decorations.   This year I will draw inspiration from a word instead.  Do you have one word that you live by for the year?  I didn’t realize I have been late to jump on board this train.  My daughter told me her word last year was “Discipline”.  I could have used that for me, too.  It is really simple.  The word you choose for the year can be your inspiration to be the person you want to be in 2019.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Words of the Year for the past 5 years are listed below. They based their choices on actual searches that year.

  • 2018: Justice
  • 2017: feminist
  • 2016: surreal
  • 2015: -ism
  • 2014: culture

Oxford Dictionary’s 2018 Word of the Year is “toxic”.  In 2017, it was “youthquake”.  They chose the words based on how much interest the words attracted throughout the year.  In 2013, their word of the year was “selfie” .  Interestingly, we have come a long way from the selfie.

Photo by Romain Vignes

FOCUS is my word for 2019.  Full disclosure, I tend to be all over the place when it comes to hobbies or business ventures.  I love to do so many things but I stick with them only long enough till a new hobby or business ventures catches my attention.  Going through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I started 2018 deep into knitting.  I acquired a shelf full of yarn and needles with the intention of knitting throughout the year for Christmas presents.  It looks like I stopped knitting as soon as February rolled over.  In 2016, I fell in love with rehabbing furniture.  I acquired furniture that I would refinish but ended up stored in the garage.  In the same year, I opened an event rental business with the hopes of growing it to be a viable source of income in the long term.  Time became a limiting factor so I had to hit pause.  Focus.  This was lacking in me to stick to something and let it grow even only till 2019!  So, I chose FOCUS so I can be focused on one project, hobby or business venture for an entire year.

What is your word for the year?  Below are some words you can choose from.  There are so many others but this is a good start.

Photo by Elena Taranenko


Is this the year that you will focus on learning a new skill? What about saving or debt reduction. Is this the year that you will focus on getting that promotion or losing those pounds?  Or, just like me, do you need focus on what direction to take for your hobbies or business?


I participated in a “Biggest Loser” contest during the summer.   I failed miserably.  However, I did not let this failure stop me from continuing with the journey on my own to lose 15 pounds.  I changed my lifestyle to be healthy to achieve this goal. I cut my carbohydrate intake to 20-30 grams a day and intermittently fasted for 14-16 hours every day. I lost 15 pounds in 3 months. Is this the year that you will put wellness of mind and body a priority?


“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” Corinthians 13:4-18.

Is this what 2019 look like for you?


This year might be the time for you to travel. What is on your bucket list to visit?  We finally traveled to Italy last summer.  You may read all about it here.  We had a great time visiting iconic sites in Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Venice. We also traveled to the Liguria coast and visited the villages of Cinque Terre.  Where will you go this year?  Go ahead and give yourself the best present for the year – travel.


Spiritual, personal, professional. Whatever the case may be, will this be the year for renewal? Is it the year to let go of bad habits and renew old and useful ones? Have you been lukewarm in the practice of your faith? Is this the year to renew your relationship with your God? Are you in a rut in your relationship with a loved one or a friend? Will you work to renew lackluster ones?


Love and Family really go together, don’t they?  Love for family transcends everything.  Will you make family a priority this year?  Our family grew last year with the addition of our grandson, Zeke.  No matter how busy our schedules were, Ralph and I managed to visit him and his parents often in 2018. We all know how time passes by so swiftly.  With them living over 2 hours away from us, we will surely miss out on his growth.  In your busy lives and in major decisions you make, is your family’s welfare first and foremost in your mind?  Make sure to give them the best of you daily.


Is discipline going to define your year?  Will you exercise discipline in eliminating bad habits and replacing them with helpful ones?  Does how you manage your finances reflect discipline?  Are you a new parent and does your parenting reflect discipline?  Are you disciplined in your fitness goals and stay on top of  your gym schedule?  Discipline can sometimes be my waterloo.  However, when I exercise discipline during marathon training, it pays off.


I am lifelong learner.  I enjoying learning a new skill.  I learned how to paint and distress furniture.  I learned how to knit and made several hats and scarves last year.   I watch an inordinately large number of videos to learn how to cook a dish or DIY home decor.  Will you make learn your word for the year?


Clutter.  It occupies our lives physically, mentally and emotionally.  Are you going to simplify this year?   Will you work to remove clutter in your home to simplify cleaning chores?  Will you ask for help for a job at work to find a way to simplify the process?  Do you really need to fill up your calendar?  “Simplicity drives you forward” because you can see what the goal is.

Photo by Gades Photography


Some of us have been blessed so much for which are grateful for.  Are you going to make give your word for the year?  Will you give your time to volunteer or mentor a struggling student or entrepreneur.  Will you generously give to your favorite charity?  What will you give generously that you have an abundance of?

What is your word?

Photo by Ty Williams

Featured Photo by Sylwia Forysinska





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