Breakfast at the House of Pastel

“Hey girl! I’ll be in Florida for a weekend and will be doing a tea party at the house of pastel in downtown Melbourne with a few of my close friends. Wanted to know if you’d like to join! It’ll be a BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’s theme event. So black dress, pearls, big sunglasses, even hat and whatever you want to put on. I’ll have a mimosas bar. Wanted to know if you’d like to see me while I’m in town. 😊 miss n love you!”

With an invitation like this, who can refuse?


So on my birthday, which happened to be on St. Patrick’s Day, I switched out of my green dress and squeezed into a black dress, black shoes and pearls, and joined 10 new and old friends at the House of Pastel for High Tea!

It was such a unique experience and truly the highlight of my birthday.  Immediately as step inside the shop, you feel as if you stepped inside a Parisian cafe.  Mind you, I haven’t been to Paris but I’ve watched enough movies in this setting so I know one when I enter one:-) . The color palette includes pastel pinks, teals and blues against white and white-washed brick walls.  The large, pink, comfy couch was so inviting and was a perfect place for intimate chatter or as a backdrop for the pictorial we had after tea!  We sat on comfortable acrylic chairs which were the perfect touch to complete the look. Towering over all these was a large, vintage chandelier!




The table was set with the cutest tea cups and saucers with gold teaspoons and matching gold forks with a Tiffany blue tied in a bow! A variety of petit cakes, scones, tea sandwiches and, of course, macarons were served on 3-tiered trays. Tea was poured by the owner, Lilly, from a gold-plated tea pot into heart-shaped cups! Mimosas flowed in gold-accented tall.




Even their “goodie bag” is so cute!


We didn’t dress up to not document all the prettiness!  Check out the pictorial below beginning with our fabulous host, Maricris.  She channeled Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from head to foot.  A true fashion inspiration. The other ladies were dressed to the nines and looked classy and elegant in black and pearls.









The specialty of the House of Pastel are the divine French macarons baked in house by owner, Lilly Jensen.  If one knows macarons, it’s Lilly.  Her expertise in baking these sweet things come from working under the world-famous pastry chef Francois Payard.  This she did after getting her education from an Orlando school run by Ewald Notter, a master chocolatier and world pastry competitor.  It is no wonder that these tiny round macarons carry a heavy punch of deliciousness.



Breakfast at Tiffany’s ala Breakfast at Maricris’s at the House of Pastel was a success.  It was a delight to share high tea with new and old friends alike.  Thanks to my dear friend Maricris for gathering us together for a classy and elegant experience.  HoP is the cutest macaron shop in Downtown Melbourne.  It is just the perfect place for an afternoon tea with girlfriends, for a bridal shower, or a mommy-and-me date.  Really, anything where you want to have a unique experience, this is a place worth checking out.


Sofa with black hat

House of Pastel Door Sign

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