Bold Cup Coffee – A Review

I love a strong cup of coffee and always on the look out for a place other than big named shops such as Startbucks or Dunkin Donuts to get one.  A few months ago I chanced upon this locally owned coffee shop and immediately fell in love with it.  The ambiance is like somebody’s house where you can have coffee in their living room.  I ordered a latte and was impressed that it was poured table side none other than by the owner, Alex.

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It turned out the shop has been open since 2017.  Alex informs me that he has been an avid coffee lover for years.  His wife, Lauren, on the other hand, has had a dream of having a coffee shop.  So he did what a loving husband would do – sold his prized car (Porche) to open the Big Bold Cup coffee shop at the Avenues in Viera.  The couple are Occupation Therapists by training and he even worked in the public school prior to opening the shop.  They own 7 Senses Therapy mostly managed by his wife.

The shop roasts their coffee in-house with blends such as the dark roasted Guatemala Midnight, medium roast Papua New Guinea and Peru among others.  They also offer a Grind To Order service.  In addition to coffee, they also offer organic loose leaf tea.

The shop is decorated more like a home with a comfy sofa and a kid’s table.  They have a strong and free Wifi so it is conducive to those who would like to study or work with access to a “big bold cup of coffee” or tea.

I love supporting local businesses and this is one that has my vote.

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Loose Leaf Tea Selection

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Selection

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Le Cafe for the Little Ones

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Private Room for Studying or Business Meetings (?)

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The Art of Siphon Tea Making.  Alex was so gracious to show me how they prepare tea using the Saponen Syphon Method.  He prepared a cold Strawberry Rose Tea.  This blend contains rose petals, strawberries and pineapple.

The Siphon

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During my visit, Alex’s cute daughter, Felicity, and his wife and mother in law stopped by.  She’s a fan as you can see.





6 responses to “Bold Cup Coffee – A Review”

  1. Beautiful post and the photos are just so vibrant. Really well done!


    1. Thank you!! Raising a cup for you today!


  2. I try to go to locally owned coffee shops as much as possible! I’m lucky to live across from one that’s both cheap and delicious.


    1. Oh man. I wish I lived across one where I live. My daughter has several where she is up in NY and every time we visit we are introduced to a new one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m also in NY! Makes it easy!


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