The First Day of Blogmas

This month is special. My daughter Megan and I are participating in Blogmas. A Blogmas is when bloggers and vloggers post at least once a day beginning on December 1st.  There are 3 ways to do it: post daily from December 1 to December 25; post daily 12 days before December 25; or, for the most dedicated ones, post daily for the whole month.  I will be doing the second one so don’t miss out on any post by following me.  Check out Megan’s blog at meganelysemercado.  She shares life as a young mother of two boys under two!

On November 27, 2005, my first post hit the world wide web.  You can tell it’s been a while since that first post because the “internet” had not even reached our lexicon.   I started the blog to chronicle our family adventures.  You can check it out at Much Ado About Everything Turingan.  I wrote a few posts every now and again and let it go dormant in 2008.  I didn’t pick up blogging again until 2012 under a different name, Joyous Serendipity.  At this time, Ralph and I had taken up running and I wanted to share our experiences.  I also shared recipes, tips on decorating the home and our travel adventures.  Read my first post here.  One of the most interesting posts that year was my family year-end recap for 2012. That was a good year.

Unfortunately, life got in the way yet again and after a year of consistent blogging, it became sporadic until I picked it up again in 2017.  At this time, I changed platforms from Blogspot to WordPress. This is where you found me today.   Ralph and I have become empty nesters and have so much we would like to do.  For example, we still have a few more states to go in our quest to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states.  Last November we ran the New York City marathon, our 14th state to which I wrote about it here.  As for travel, we have a few more continents to visit. Last year we added Europe to the list with our trip to Italy.  Check out our photo journal here.   On July 4th, I was a guest blogger on my daughter Erin’s blog,  I shared my experiences as an immigrant in America.

Presently, we have so much more to share about our growing family with another wedding in July for Erin and Howard, and of course, new adventures as grandparents to Zeke and Theo.

Zeke and Theo
Our growing family, Erin, Megan and Donald, their sons Zeke and Theo taken on Ralph’s birthday earlier this month.
Cinque Terre, Italy – celebrating life

We are huge foodies and love to entertain.  I have so much to share about decorating, do-it-yourself projects, how to plan events and new recipes to try.  There is also this little hobby turned into business, photography, that I am working to grow.

Oatmeal Poms IG (5 of 8)

Guacamole IG (3 of 7)

Beach Maternity Shoot  (8 of 41).jpg

So you see, there is so much more to write about and to share with you.  I invite you to subscribe and follow me.  I post every Thursday (daily for Blogmas).  At every visit you will learn things such as how to plan your next travel to Europe or Asia, learn how to take @instagram worthy food photos, how to start a blog or how to start a Not-For-Profit organization.  Or, simply follow my travel and foodie adventures and get some inspiration to do the same for you and your family.

On this first day of December, may the season of Christmas fill your hears with joy and gladness.  Come and visit us again.

Quote for the day:  “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”


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