DIY Dollar Tree Ornament

Since we moved to our own home, we have always had a fresh tree for Christmas. There is just something about it that makes the holiday special. Some say that it is because of the scent of the pine that they prefer a real one.  I may have to agree with them.  It is also because I enjoy picking up the “right” one for the season.  Lately, I feel that we are not taking care of Mother Earth if we keep cutting down trees. But that is now why I decided not to get a fresh one this year.  I just felt the need to change things up.   What I didn’t realize was how pricey these fake trees are.  I guess they are still cost effective if you will use it year after year.  In any case, I went on a hunt for cheaper one and found a used one from the church thrift store for $25.  Some of the light were worn but was an easy fix.  Since I went with thrift store tree, I decided to go with all out and adorn it with Dollar Tree finds.  Off to the store I went and noticed they had a lot of snow man ornaments.  And so the snow man tree theme was born.  Today I share some of the ornaments that I made to have enough ornaments to put on the tree.

Materials needed:

Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Old or New Christmas Cards
Dollar Tree finds

Salt and pepper shakers are a perfect size ornaments.  And you get 2 for the price of one!  Score!  Simple glue jute twine and you have two adorable ornaments.


For a unique addition to your ornament collection, use picture frames with Christmas card in it.  Remove the stock picture that comes with the frames.  Cut to size Christmas cards and put in the fame.  Glue jute twine at the back of the frame.  I usually throw away cards after Christmas.  I should start keeping them for this project next year.


These snow globes are adorable but perfect as an ornament.  I love them because Santa is in it with a snowman.  Cute!  Note:  They are a little heavier so be sure to glue the twin well.  I lost one:-(


These gift tags are by far the best.  You just need to tie the ribbon to the gift tag and voila.  These came in a pack of 12.  I only used 2 pack and they were perfect to fill in empty gaps on the tree.  You can use them as gift tags next year 🙂


For the topper, I tied together two of wired snowman decor. I left a gap below the chin to attach it to the tree.  I thought this was so cute.


To finish off the tree, I added red silk flowers and ribbons.  I used a glittery wrapping paper for a tree skirt and adorned with wrapped presents

There you have it.  With a little creativity, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a tree at Christmas.  Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


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