Farmhouse Christmas Decor Inspiration

It is the last Christmas for the decade! I haven’t heard much mention about this in the media. Honestly it crept up on me as well. It has been quite a busy past few months that I have not really been mindful when the months change. In fact I flipped the calendar over to November two weeks into the month already.

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But, yes! It is the last few days of the decade. I didn’t really plan ahead for our Christmas decoration this year but with all the goings on in both work and life in general, I thought I’d keep it simple. Earlier this year we had some minor repairs done to the house and we painted the outside walls. I channeled my Joanna Gaines and picked her favorite color, Sherwin Williams Alabaster White. It brightened up the house and the farmhouse vibe came through.

Theme – Farmhouse, Rustic

In keeping with this transformation, I decided to go with a farmhouse and rustic theme for this year’s holiday decorations.

Decor- Blog-13.jpg

Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board this year.  Having an inspiration board helped me keep to the color palette and design that I had in mind.  Most especially kept me from getting sidetracked at the store by other decor that caught my attention.  I used some decor items that I already had on hand and purchased others from Amazon, Target and Hobby Lobby.  I found these three stores had everything that I needed.  I have provided affiliate links below.  If you purchase these products through the links, I will get a small commission to help support my blog for which I am grateful.

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Christmas Tree #1

Yes, we have two trees this year!  For the first time we have a tree in the family room and in the living room.  So much for minimalism this year.  I blame the new grandsons for this.  I am also thrilled to have our first flocked tree. I had not even heard of such until this year.  It is a beautiful tree except for the flock dropping all over the floor, that is. I used a buffalo check ribbon for both the bow and the trim.  I love it.  I picked “rustic” ornaments mostly to keep with the theme.  I started to only put up mostly white ornaments but I missed the colors so I added some red and natural ones just for a pop of color.  For the tree skirt, I couldn’t get myself to spend over $40 for a tree skirt so I purchased a plaid shawl for $12 and it is perfect.

Decor- Blog-16

These ornaments are so cute.  There is something about minis of anything that make them so adorable.

Christmas Tree # 2.

This is my skinny, Snowman tree!  I put this one on a diet this year.  I used ornaments that I DIY’d from last year.  You can check out the how-to here.  The wreath you see here is a deconstructed one that we had for a while. I just added the buffalo check ribbon to keep with the theme.

Snowman Tree

Dining Table

I always enjoy decorating our dining table. In fact, it is the one that I decorated first.  We don’t have any windows in this part of the house so I added a vintage one flanked by these black shutters.  We got these at a salvage store in Raleigh, NC, on one of our visits to Erin when she lived there.  I tied a buffalo check ribbon on these ornament “Merry Christmas” signs and hung it on the shutters.  I also hung up a deconstructed wreath on the vintage window.  I draped a garland by Hearth and Hand by Magnolia on our light fixture.   I added red berries from a deconstructed wreath to add some color.

The tablescape is simple.  I used a small garland from, two vintage candlestick holders (no candle in the house at the time of set up), and two trees that we’ve had for a few years now.  I placed these on top of a table runner with plaid trim and tress on both ends.

The table setting is a simple gray woven charger and a second white charger set on top.  I was so happy to find these plaid napkins and the rings were perfect for it.  To finish it off, I used gold tone flat ware that adds a pop of color to the table.

Decor- Blog-20


I love our mantle this year.  We found this wood mantle in the same salvage place in North Carolina as all the vintage windows.  I added a flocked garland wrapped with a natural and buffalo check ribbons and a few picks.  The flocked garland ties in with the tree in the family room. A new addition on top is this adorable deer.

My favorites, though, are these new knitted stockings .  I have six large ones for myself, Ralph, Erin, Megan, Donald and Howard, and two small ones for Zeke and Theo.  I had thought of knitting these this year.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t know where I would have found the time.

Decor- Blog-12

I reused the name tags that I made last year.  It is perfect.



We purchased this set at a flea market on US 1 down in the Florida Keys after we visited our friends over Thanksgiving.   I love this so much that I have never thought of replacing it.  For me, it depicts the simplicity of where Jesus was born.

Decor- Blog-11

I replaced the bottles of alcohol from the bar cart with this 3-tier tray that I filled with some bottle brush trees, and other small decorative items.

Decor- Blog-10

For about 5 or 6 years in the early 1990s I collected these lighted houses.  I stopped buying them because you can only have so many.  I don’t have enough spaces to put them all.  I added these cute bottle brushes all over the “town” this year.

I dressed up this table by adding berry stems in these milk glass vases.

Decor- Blog-9

Fireplace tools don’t have to be eyesores.  I added this sign and voila.  It is now part of the decoration.  All the rave lately are these red trucks with trees in the flat bed.  I can see a collection coming

Decor- Blog-15

I adorned this vintage 3 tiered pie crust table with a deconstructed garland. I used to use this on the mantle.  It had red flowers, red berries, and gold picks.  I removed them all and replaced them with these white and red foam and rattan balls. They are actually potpourri that has lost its fragrance.  I added some bottle brush trees and these letters (E-Erin, J-Joy). Note: you will see initials of everyone in the family all over the house.


This is a hall table next to the front door. I just added this Christmas tree studded with  stems of red berries.  We got this small wooden nativity from our last trip to the Philippines.  It doesn’t replace our original nativity that I mentioned earlier but it is a nice addition to the decor.


I had fun decorating this year.  My decorating style has evolved over time.  In the past, I went with lots of color especially red.  I love that style, too.  This year this farmhouse and rustic decor is the trend in our home.

How about you? What is your holiday decorating style?

Inspiration Board Links:

1.  Holiday Time Rustic Lodge Christmas Ornaments
2.  Holiday Time Pre-Lit Flocked, Frisco Pine, 6.5 ft
3.  Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Set
4.  Holiday Time Flocked Garland, Unlit, 9′
5.  Resin Black Standing Deer with Garland
6.  Wired Buffalo Plaid Ribbon, 2 1/2″
7.  Red Small Truck with Tree
8.  Kunyida 4 pc Ivory White Knitted Christmas Stockings
9.  Wood Bead Garland, 3 pc
10. Christmas Throw Pillow Covers, 4 pc
11. 3-Tier Galvanized Serving Tray
12.  Black and Green Plaid Cloth Napkin




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